We usually think of NA events as a way to celebrate our recovery or make NA attractive to newcomers, but our events are also an opportunity to make positive impressions on the public. During an event, a hotel staff person may be wondering if a family member could benefit from NA, or a group of medical professionals maybe noticing how supportive and prepared NA members seem to be during a presentation.  Trusted servants need to be aware of the impact NA events can have on our relationships with the public. That awareness can allow us to anticipate the opportunities and challenges that arise at NA events.

Events that are specifically designed for the public can be effective vehicles for educating the public about what NA has to offer. Community meetings that provide information about NA to the public can be the first step in forming meaningful relationships with the public.



Another important consideration in making our public relations efforts more valuable is the attractiveness of the behaviors and attitudes of individual NA members, and the collective appearance of our fellowship. Attraction means that we function, as members and as groups, in ways that naturally draw others to us. When members act in ways that are attractive, this fosters identification and gives potential members a sense of belonging.

  • Has the committee considered the event’s format (including speakers) as an important part of creating an attractive NA message?
  •  How does our individual behavior impact the attractiveness of the NA program?